Owen Hughes

Meet Owen Hughes

An AACI appraiser by profession, Owen Hughes is a proud Niagaran with an extensive breadth of experience appraising buildings in the Region and for projects across the country. In an appraiser you want a methodical thinker, a confident decision maker and a person that takes the weight of their responsibility to the client very seriously. These qualities are, in fact, what happened to land Owen Hughes in the role that he fulfills today.

A biochemist by his first post-secondary education, Hughes found the content boring but the style of work extremely appealing. To find the solution, the answer, was what drove him to success in his academic career in bio-sciences. Upon completion of the program he began to explore other professions where this aptitude was applicable and naturally considered business as a space in which he would fit. It was a chance meeting that introduced him to the appraisal profession and on impact he made a connection with his mentor, moving him full speed ahead into his A.A.C.I. designation the most prestigious in the commercial real estate industry.

Niagara's Real Estate Consultant

Today, Owen spends his time consulting with Niagara’s most notable property owners. His advisement has led to the advancement of real estate portfolios and his professional network proves valuable to the clients with whom he maintains a strong relationship. Working with a Niagara real estate appraiser that is familiar with your portfolio lends to the fast access to upcoming properties that owners are looking for, the ease of sale when the network is activated for the purposes of moving property and the comfort of knowing you have an advocate working for you on your most valuable investment portfolio.