Owen Hughes Commercial Consulting

Owen Hughes is an Ontario based Professional Appraiser

Accredited by the Appraisal Institute of Canada with his AACI designation, he is based in Niagara and works on large scale property appraisals across the country with Colliers Niagara.

The real property market is a key building block of the Canadian economy and affects every segment of our society. Unbiased and dependable valuations are critical to the decision-making processes of individuals, businesses, and governments when conducting real property transactions. Appraisal Institute of Canada Designated Members are real estate appraisal professionals who play a direct and vital role in the real estate sector. That role is to determine, report upon, and attest to the real value of property. Their valuation is the foundation upon which informed decisions about real estate are made – whether by a family purchasing its first home, a farmer selling a piece of acreage, a retailer deciding where to locate its next outlet, a developer considering an empty lot, or a lawyer defending or prosecuting a case.

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  • Market value appraisals
  • Portfolio valuation
  • Retrospective value appraisals
  • Fair market rental analysis
  • Appraisal review
  • Market studies
  • Highest and best use studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Litigation support
  • Divorce/equitable distribution
  • Arbitration
  • Insurable value appraisals
  • Cash flow modeling
  • Developer consulting
  • Due diligence
  • Market research
  • Customized market reports

Property Types

  • Apartment buildings
  • Condominium buildings
  • Mixed-use buildings
  • Affordable housing
  • Blocks of occupied co-ops
  • Office buildings
  • Co-op buildings
  • Development sites
  • Special purpose properties
  • Loft buildings
  • Office condominiums
  • Parking garages
  • Proposed condominiums
  • Proposed rental projects
  • Shopping centers
  • Retail buildings
  • Retail condominiums
  • Warehouses